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Management reform toward Next Generation ! Bridge of Leaps for Globalization ~ No future is promised without focusing for overseas business ~

Vietnam is the top ranking country to expand business for Japanese investors in 3 consecutive years !

Survey for overseas SME subsidiaries

Many people are carefully watching the trend of growth in ASEAN region.
Especially Vietnam is one of key countries of business expansion for many Japanese companies in both manufacturing and marketing.

In fact, it is not so difficult to establish a legal entity but there are a lot of business risks after starting operations, such as business conditions, changes in markets, complexity of laws and regulations and business practices, etc. In addition, it is essential to undertake many management tasks in order to grow rapidly, such as human resource development, sales expansion, local procurement development and so on.

We commit to support for
“Overseas Management Reform of SME for Next Generation”

① Management support after launching of overseas business

  • Organization, HR management, Management Control, Business Plan
  • Risk Management, Compliance, CSR/PR Branding support
  • Sales channel, Market Development, Exhibition, Community Marketing

② Support to enhance HRD for globalization

  • Successor HRD, Global HRD Planning, Training lecture & facilitation
  • Skill dev. for Overseas management, Intercultural communication
  • Foreign HR recruiting, HRD planning for corporate strategy

③ Support for Global management scheme and resources

  • Support growth strategies by the united domestic & overseas business
  • Global optimization of overseas management resources localization
  • Overseas Project Promotion Consulting

Core Values for customers

Single Window Solution for
the management issues after launching of oveaseas business

Comprehensive hands-on support for the global business growth,
HRD & Organization, Risk Management and sales channel development

Management Support after launching of overseas business

Support Menu

  • Overseas Business Management Advisory Service
  • Financial · Management assessment advice (spot)
  • Support for overseas human resource development
  • Overseas deployment project support
  • CSR / public relations · planning & execution service
  • Workshop seminar for organizational innovation project
  • Science Museum & Education for Children Support Project

Representative profile

Naoki Sugiura
Vietnam Business Success Expert
METI Certified SME Management Consultant

Born in 1957, from Osaka Prefecture, METI certified SME managment consultant / Certified Retail Marketing Export, 1st Grade Engaged in Corporate overseas business strategy in former Panasonic Corporation for 34 years (including 13 years managing responsiblities in US, UK and Vietnam) and 6 yeas experience of support Vietnam project and consultant for SME’s.

He has been in charge of overseas strategic planning for 34 years including Panasonic Corporation’s 13 years assigned responsibilities in overseas. Then, it was a big trigger to reconsider his life value when he’s begun to work in Vietnam in 2010. He was impressed by the bright eyes of the children and people who are working hard towards the realization of happiness for tomorrow. It looks like Japanese after WWII had worked hard and achieved the economy revolution. The key of Industry development in Vietnam must be relied on supporting industries, deployment and success of Japanese small and medium enterprises will be primed. Ackowledging the supporting program by public agengies of Japan for Japanese SME’s deployment in Vietnam, however, he strongly felt it was insufficient to start up the business. He was confident Management support after launching bases should be more important than the support to deploy entitiy.

By supporting the success of Japanese enterprises in Vietnam more directly, it must be lead to contribute to the development of Vietnam and the happiness of Vietnamese people. Finally he decided to make his life work for the development of Vietnam and Japanese companies and early retirement of Panasonic at the end of 2013. In the early 2014, he founded a consulting business firm for Japanese companies to deploy in Vietnam, supporting over 20 companies overseas and developing overseas human resources to date. While assignment of JETRO Emerging Asia Entry Experts, appointed Vietnam Support Expert for Public Organizations such as JICA and JICA Infrastructure Improvement.

“Contributing to the success of Japanese enterprises in Vietnam business, striving for a bridge of leap over Japanese enterprises and Vietnem” – where both Japan and Vietnam are mutually and rapidly happier in future.


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